Division 26 Electrical Estimating
*Commercial and Heavy Industrial electrical project estimates mainly
throughout Illinois with select projects in the midwest.
*Empowering electrical contractors.
*Material pricing from national services "EPIC,Traser even Net Pricer".
*Quotes gear,fixtures,Data,Fire Alarm needed.
*Estimate reports are emailed.
*Typically most of our work is remote. Cloud based anytime job stats.
*Awarded job afterwards job coordination,startup,field manager,BIM.
*Electrical estimating service with takeoff work by electrical estimator.
*Drawing files and specifications send us your job to figure a price.
Thank You
John Stanulis

John Stanulis is the chief electrical estimator in charge, background is ibew electrican and
estimator with Fischbach and Moore Electrical Contractor history.Currently ibew electrician
foreman at the University of Illinois Springfield and owner of Division 26 Electrical Estimating.
Division 26 Electrical Estimating has been around since 2004 with the corporate office in
Springfield,IL and a Chicago area as needed office in Westmont, IL.

   Pricing #1: Hourly
Current Rate__: $86.72 Per hour each estimator. Typically 1 estimator unless notified more are needed for large or dynamic bids.
Monthly rate discount 25% or hourly rate to $65.04. Yearly rate discounted 50% or hourly rate at $43.36 based on 40 hours wk with OT.
Note: Monthly and yearly rates are subject to per estimate charges from $39.00 to $195.00 /wk to $780.00 /mth each depends on job.

    Pricing #2 : By takeoff drawing  count  1 to 100 plus sheets and specifications. Commercial Projects
Current Rate__: $173.44 Electrical takeoff current price per each "E" drawing used for calculating estimate cost. 1 to 35 drawings.
Current Rate__:
$260.16 Electrical takeoff current price per each "E" drawing used for calculating estimate cost. 36 plus drawings

Pricing #3+ :Value Based. Thrifty affordable electrical estimates. TAKEOFF 26 ELECTRICAL
Current Rate__: See one of our web sites www.takeoff26.com " Pricing of Estimates" page link at bottom of page.
This has some of the best hourly rates for yearly packages virtualy 40 hours weeks run at
$26.00 per hour. Smaller contractors

   Pricing #4: By takeoff drawing  count  1 to 100 plus sheets and specifications. Industrial | Utility Projects
Current Rate__: $225.47.Electrical takeoff current price per each "E" drawing used for calculating estimate cost. 1 to 35 drawings.
Current Rate__:
$338.21 Electrical takeoff current price per each "E" drawing used for calculating estimate cost. 36 plus drawings
These projects are looked at on a project by project basis. Overall and hourly rate may be the best to use here.

Example of a pricing by takeoff drawing job below

This could be a project with a total value of $17,000,000 with an electrical in the $1,400,000 range. Est. $6792.28

Example cost of an electrical bid remote estimate from Springfield, IL with 35 electrical takeoff drawings is
$6792.28 Breakdown. $173.44 x 35 dwg =$6070.40 + ($173.44 x 2  for Specs= $346.88) + $375.00 drawings copies
= $6,792.28 plus tax if applicable. Typically I ask for 50 % upfront to start in this case $3396.14 prepaid with a
remaining ballance due at final estimate presentation.

Please I can preprice most any job but not all, so you have a cost in hand before I start. There are a few jobs that will have to be
done on a hourly rate do to the complexity and if travel is needed additional cost are involved. Described below. The selected
estimating system used in the example is Vision EBM with EPIC material used quotes supplied by others and I add them in the job.
Estimating systems like Accubid, ConEst, Maxwell and McCormick could also have been used. Please feel free to view another
seperate job example of  PDF files detailing the estimating reports, "Audit Trail, Extension by Floor or Building,Bid Summary, Job
Allocation Graph " with the Vision EBM program. This is located on my alternate website elecestimating.com the page link is

//www.elecestimating.com/Example_Estimate.html These are similar to what I typically email at the end of the job or if I am
working in your office I can send you the program files provided we are both using the same estimating system or simply print out
copies. Please note drawing copies full set are an added cost as  shown in example above.

Please take note "E" Drawings include any drawing that has electrical work on it not necessarily just the electrical but others like
site,demo,details,data,security,fire alarm and more as found also the specifications count as two to three drawings as they must be
included in the estimate. Drawings with multiple systems on the same drawing (example 1 drawing with  
branch power, data and fire
) each is a seperate count treated as seperate drawings for pricing. Addendums count as one drawing each as they arrive at bid
time. Projects that have 36 plus electrical drawings are priced at
$260.16 each as these jobs require more estimators and  the bid due
date can be typically 4 to 5 weeks or less. A very narrow time line to get a large project estimate together. Also these jobs consume
more estimating resources from our shop thus are priced accordingly. Please call John Stanulis for questions on how this is used
phone 217-899-5485

All travel expenses are an extra charge if needed for an estimate. Typicals would be vehicle mileage,meals,hotel rooms,flights,car
rentals,parking meter/ramps/lots charges,tollway fees,internet access,cell phone charges. All
Traveling time is also and added cost
based on the  
1/2 of the hourly rate above. Estimate coordination, discussions,meetings beyond the actual prepration is also a
seperate hourly charge remotely or if in the electrical contractors office which is at the full hourly rate of
$86.72 per hour.
John Stanulis
Chief Electrical Estimator
Accubid-LiveCount | | ConEst-SureCount | | Maxwell-Estimation Onscreen | | McCormick OnScreen | | Vision EBM-OST
Running some of the best software! Please tell us what software we can use on your next project!
Remote Video Calling Enabled
Division 26 Electrical Estimating
on "SKYPE" for indiviual and
conference calls.Estimate review.

Division 26 Electrical Estimating
50 Golf Rd
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone 217-899-5485
Fax 217-698-2834
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SPECIAL-1st month $68.60 per hr | w/discount $51.19 hr.
A special " 1 estimator , (1-2) jobs within the same 1st
MONTH rate cost $10,699.00". Note additional (1-4) jobs or
Months at $11,999.00 each. Typically could run for a year
with additional jobs.
Yearly $142,688.00 w/discount $106,481.00.

Estimate special. Mid size to
large jobs!There is a limited
number of contractors we can
offer this to. Please call
217-899-5485 to check
availability. We have a waiting
list of contractors who must
call in monthly to keep their
current spot active. Thank You
John Stanulis
Link below is to Online Pay!
Advance Pay or Payment

Vision EBM with EPIC and other
estimating systems are choices.
Advance pay all get's a 30% off 1st
month and 25% off additional months
Drawing copies are an extra
cost. Limit one special to an electrical
contractor ina year. All additional jobs
or weeks must be continuous to hold
pricing for each year. Each calendar
year prices will take  a 12 % increase.
Estimates are best work humanly
possible. Completed estimates are
our goal but sometimes things occur
that prevent this. We carry no type of
insurance on our work thus we work
for any electrical contractor the same
as in an estimator inside their
company. The electrical contractor
will need his / her staff to help in  
prepare,review,adjust in anyway
necessary to fit their company to
produce a sucessfully profitable job
completed within the time frame that
the over all project is completed.
Should they will the bid.
Special- Mid to Large size job 1
estimator 1-2 jobs in a 1st month  
$10,699.00 .
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Pre-Construction Services
Pay in advance
upfront discount
John's Phone 217-899-5485
Dynamic (1) Job range from $1000 to
$1mill electrical. The estimate labor
cost range $629.00 to $4699.00.Per
estimate charges and drawings extra.
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